Costume Contest

What is Halloween without costumes? 

Don't miss your chance to enter into 2021's Costume Contests, which will be held on Saturday, Oct 9th, at 2:30pm on the Main Stage.

There will be 2 Different Contest Tiers:

  • KIDS (ages 5 to 16)

  • ADULTS (ages 17 and older) 

Entry Fee (per contestant) = $5 (Kids)    $10 (Adults)




  • Scariest

  • Funniest

  • Most Original/Creative 

  • Best Couple (entry fee per contestant)




• Contestants are strictly prohibited from wearing any costume that may be considered offensive (ie. Racist, Discriminatory, Sexually explicit, etc).
• Contestants are strictly prohibited from wearing any costumes that reveal any body part that festival officials consider to be “nudity” or “too revealing.”
• Contestants are required to sign-in at the Contest Registration Booth no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of the contest.
• Contestants who participate in any actions or behavior that Festival Officials consider “misconduct” or “inappropriate” prior/during contest, will be disqualified (ie. Instigating arguments with fellow contestants, discriminatory actions towards other contestants, etc).
• Contestants are expected to display behavior/conduct that Officials consider to be “good sportsmanship,” throughout the contest.
• Contestants who fail to pay the stated entry fee, will result in disqualification from contest.
• Violations of these Rules & Policies will result in immediate disqualification from the contest.

Pre-registration is encouraged / In-Person registration can be made at the Info Tent, during the Festival.



Winners of each category/division will receive a Trophy and $50.00