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Corey McCauley

SFX Artist

McCauley's Creations (owner)

Corey working on the makeup for actress. 

McCauley's Creations

The creature from Myth: Bigfoot Hunters


Creature creation from Fighting the Sky

Film Work

Creature Creator:

Myth: Bigfoot Hunters

Fighting the Sky


Special Effects:


Yoga Hosers

Fear Clinic

My Soul to Keep


The Bye-Bye Man

Gerald's Game

Corey's page here


I've been drawn to monster and horror movies since I can remember. Watching Frankenstein and Wolfman movies with my mom at Halloween when I was a kid definitely kickstarted something I am sure. I really got into working on and acting in Haunted Houses close to my sophomore year in high school. The haunted houses/woods I worked at was with all my friends and we just were doing stuff we loved but did not have a huge budget so we resorted to having to make a lot of our own props, masks, and such. Eventually, I started doing zero-budget horror films for fun, many Zombie Walks in Massillon, Ohio (my hometown) and I just got really into dressing the scenes, helping with makeup, editing, and just really enjoyed the process of making monster movies. 

    I realized that the jobs I was working did not make me happy, so, I started to look at what I really wanted to do more strongly. I found Robert Kurtzman Creature Corps in Crestline and took a class with the team there to fine-tune a few things and eventually joined Kurtzman and the Creature Corps team. Right away I was blown away and in love as soon as I entered that building and the professional field with seeing pros at work loving what they did. The first movie with them I got to work on was Kevin Smith's TUSK and what was great was how quickly we would get everything done, ship stuff to set, and already be working on the next film. The very fast-paced world that I was enjoying tremendously. And, what blew me away, was how much quality work the whole team accomplished professionally and was very on point with deadlines. Loved it from the start! Really great group to grow in the industry with and learn from.


Back in 2014, I started up my own haunt line of masks, suits, and props. It's always great to talk to people about their ideas, and goals that they want to make and be the one who can possibly help bring it to life.

Corey will be offering all his masks, props, and an assortment of created monsters for sale each day of the festival at the McCauley's Creations booth.


Corey working on the makeup for Fighting the Sky. 


Corey working on the makeup for actress at

Ceadar Point Halloween Fest. 


Corey and Robert Kurtzman working on

the creature in Tusk. 

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