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Community Grant Program

2022's Recipients

The Assistance House of Ross County

The mission of the Chillicothe Halloween Festival is to provide residents and visitors an annual event which provides a family-friendly and safe environment to celebrate the season with portions of the proceeds to be given to community nonprofit organizations that enrich Ross County.




Organizations applying for this grant must be located within and serve the communities within Ross County.

To qualify for consideration of funds, applicants must:

• Be recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

• Submit a copy of the IRS Determination Letter and/or proof of their filing status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization upon request.

• Document in the manner in which funds will be used to better the lives of Ross County residents.

• Submit a completed application and any supporting documentation to qualify for consideration of grant funding.

• Recognize the Chillicothe Halloween Festival as a supporter of the organization and/or of the program in which the funds will help support if application is approved.

• Complete a follow-up letter within in one-year of funding or at the completion of a specific program to indicate the impact that funds had on the lives of Ross County residents.




Available funds for this Community Grant Program will be determined by the Board of Directors following the final expenses of the annual Chillicothe Halloween Festival. As available funds will vary from year to year, the maximum amount requested by any organization shall be no more than $1,500.

Applications must be received by December 2, 2022 and can be submitted to:

Chillicothe Halloween Festival

Community Grant Program

230 N. Plaza Blvd.

Chillicothe, OH 45601

Or by email to:

Applications for the Community Grant Program will be the final decision of the Board of Directors of the Chillicothe Halloween Festival, Inc. The Board of Directors reserves the right to determine the amount funded and does not guarantee full funding of any request. The Chillicothe Halloween Festival, Inc. reserves the right to change or amend this program without notice.

2021's Recipients

Grants Awarded:
Hope Clinic of Ross County

Chillicothe Civic Theatre

Adena Mansion & Gardens


Click the PDF icon to download the Community Grant Program eligibility and application. 

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