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This event showcases coffins created by the competing teams, to race down the middle of the park, for their chance to win the Top 3 Prizes. 

Competing teams consists of 3-5 contestants, who will race their coffin during the event. A Halloween twist on the old favorite soapbox derby.

Your Coffin may consist of wood, metal, or plastic (nothing that can be harmful to participants and/or spectators), and will be pushed/pulled throughout the race, by your team. To keep this race fair, no coffins competing may contain motors to assist in acceleration and/or speed.


Teams will compete 2 at a time, to see who can reach the finish line fastest. The Winner of each round, will advance to the next round. (In the event of a tie, best 2 - out - of - 3 will apply).

1st Place - $500
2nd Place - $200
3rd Place - $100

Want to compete in this event?


Entry Fee: $15 (per team)


Early Registrations may be turned in at the Ross-Chillicothe

Convention & Visitors' Bureau 

230 North Plaza Blvd, Chillicothe


Must be signed by ALL team members.

CONTEST DATE: Sunday, October 15, 2023

RACE PREPARATION: Each participating team shall provide a Coffin conforming to attached “Coffin Specifications”. Race officials will inspect all Coffins before the race. Coffins that do not pass inspection may not race. Any questions or disagreements will be forwarded to an event official. (Event Officials reserve the right to deem whether or not a coffin may compete due to safety and fairness). Coffins will be immediately disqualified if any interior motors/propelling engines/steering devices/mechanics are found during inspection! Each racing team consists of three-to-five members: two-to-four runners (or “Pushers”) to propel the Coffin and one driver (or “Rider”) to sit inside the Coffin. All members of the racing team, including “Rider”, must be 16 or older. All Riders and Pushers are encouraged to wear protective gear.


The Chillicothe Halloween Festival is NOT responsible for any injuries or damage that may result in failure to control the coffin and/or “wreck.” Racers assume ALL responsibility for injury and/or damage. By signing the LIABILITY WAIVER Form, you are agreeing to these terms. 


Every entrant and participant shall conduct themselves according to the highest standards of behavior and sportsmanship. Event Officials reserve the right to deem behavior that qualifies as “inappropriate” and/or “unsportsmanlike.” ALL Team members (Pushers and Rider) must be present and checked in at the Information Tent area 1 hour prior to the start of the race, to ensure that your team will be given the opportunity to participate in the race. Coffins may be stationed at this area, for inspection by officials.


RACING RULES: Each racing team consists of three-to-five members: two-to-four runners (or “Pushers”) to propel the Coffin and one driver (or “Rider”) to sit inside the Coffin.  Any Coffin that has less than three Pushers in direct contact with the Coffin during the race will be deemed “out of control” and will be disqualified. Pushers must hold onto the Coffin until it has crossed the finish line and stopped. Changing Pushers or Riders during the heat is prohibited. In case of injury, a race official shall have the authority to allow a substitute. Coffins will be immediately disqualified if any interior motors/propelling engines/steering devices/mechanics are found during inspection! Pushers will keep their Coffin in their own lane. Pushers and Coffins may touch the yellow, but not cross over it. Coffins that cross the yellow line, resulting in damage to the competitor's coffin or injury will be disqualified. Pushers and/or Coffins interfering with the other team as a result of leaving their lane will be disqualified. Protests can only be made by the race competitors. Protests must be directed to a race official and must be logical, reasonable, and based on sound evidence. Decisions by race officials are final. Each heat will pit two Coffin teams against each other. The Coffin with the fastest time will be the winner of that heat. In the event of a tie, Event Officials will explain the rules and specifications of the “tie-breaker” round.


AWARDS: Cash Prizes and Trophies are awarded to the Top 3 Teams based on the scores of our judges. The winning teams will be announced after all races have been completed, and scores have been tallied. Protests to score results must be directed to an Event Official; however, ALL Event Official decisions are final! In an effort to keep this event in the spirit of fun, Scores / Times will NOT be shared with contestants or made “public knowledge” during and/or after the event. Contestants will not be permitted to view scoresheets, as this may lead to “inappropriate” conduct. In the effort of maintaining the spirit of fun for this event, ALL contestants agree to the decisions of the judges as Final, and non-contesting in regards to the scores/results of each race. Protesting the judges' results and/or Officials' decisions may result in the disqualification of your team. 


All coffins must meet the following specifications. Coffins will be inspected prior to the race. Coffins not meeting specifications will be disqualified at the time of inspection. COFFIN SIZE: The coffin (measured at the widest point, including wheelbase and/or handles and push bars), must be between 2’ and 3’ 10” wide. Length must be between 5’ and 8’ long, including handles and push bars. There are no height restrictions for coffins.


PROPELLMENT: Four handles must be securely attached to the coffin. A push bar on the front or back of the coffin is optional and may be added instead of 2 of the four handles. Ropes are not permitted. Motors / Engines or any mechanisms that assist in the movement of the coffin other than pushing/pulling is prohibited. Functional steering mechanisms are prohibited.


WHEELS: Each coffin must have four firmly attached wheels, attached in such a manner that coffin will roll on all 4 wheels when propelled down the race course. Wheels may not exceed 8.25” in diameter, including tires. Wheels must be within the overall dimensions of the coffin. Casters may be used. For safety and steering ability, wheels or casters may rotate or swivel.


DECORATIONS: Decorations may extend UP without limitations. Decorative projections that exceed the maximum width and length of the coffin specifications are not permitted. Decorations or attachments to any coffin that extends further frontward than the approved length (mentioned within these specifications) will either be removed or the coffin/team will be disqualified. 


CONSTRUCTION: Coffins may consist of wood and plastic. Metal coffins are prohibited! The only metal that is allowed attached to the coffin is the pushing bars and wheels. Safety is the #1 priority for contestants and spectators, and Event Officials reserve the right to reject any coffin they deem “unsafe” from the competition. 


Festival/Event Officials reserve the right to reject any coffin/team that are in violation of these rules.  Officials' decisions are final. 

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