Mr. Willis, from Columbus, has written several books about the unexplained throughout Ohio. He will be sharing the fascinating and mysterious evidence he has compiled throughout the years. 
UFOlogist & Cryptozoologist
Mr. Jones is a paranormal researcher and investigator from Circleville. He is a member of MUFON of Ohio, Roundtown UFO Society, and  the Ohio Bigfoot community.  He is a producer of the documentaries, The Mothman of Point PleasantBoggy Creek Monster, and The Invasion of Chestnut Ridge.
Jeff "BUZZ" Hartz
Prop & Haunted House Expert
Mr. Hartz  a freelance artist located in Cleveland, Ohio. Trained as a wood craftsman, he holds a Journeyman's card in Patternmaking. His love of horror and the macabre took him into the gothic underground of Cleveland, where he formed artistic relations with popular local talents. Several associations carry his artwork across the country.
Neal Parks
Author & Paranormal Researcher
Mr. Parks is  Award Winning Author, Artist, Paranormal Researcher, Investigator, Public Speaker and founder of Parks Paranormal Research and Investigation. With over twenty five years of first hand experience. 
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